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Helping Women

Our Annual Women's Workship
Come And Have A Great Time
As We Celebrate Being The Brides Of Christ!

Join Us

10:00 am to 2:00 pm
650 E. Parkridge Avenue, #103
Corona, CA. 92879

951-284-9625 - Church number

951-283-1258 - Cell number

Our Purpose Is:. To unite women in unity. To address the interests and meet the needs of women. Our desire is to minister to the total woman, naturally as well as spiritually. To help them as they face challenges in their homes, families, Churches, and in society today.


  1. To motivate women into a life of Godliness through faithfulness by providing meaningful ministry, and financial assistance.

  2. To help each woman to discover and cultivate her natural and spiritual gifts.

  3. To train each woman to edify one another, to strengthen the Church by sharing with each other our challenges and how we overcome them.

  4. To turn the hearts of the parents back to their children and to teach them spiritual principles and how to be successful in our homes, businesses and relationships.

  5. To teach every woman, wife, mother and daughter to love. How to be discreet, pure of heart and mind. How to manage her home, love her husband, children and her fellow woman as well.


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